Humans are not the only ones who reap the benefits of CBD rich Hemp Oil. Studies have shown that CBD rich Hemp Oil has similar beneficial effects on our pets, or as we like to say, our animal family members. Research shows that CBD can be effective in calming and reducing anxiety in dogs, cats and other animals, as well as reducing or easing pain in dogs and cats that suffer from temporary or chronic pain.
Hempicated&Dedicated Pets Advantage CBD Oil for Pets is carefully made with our organic and probiotic grown CBD Hemp Oil Extract blend. Pets Advantage CBD Oil for Pets is free of heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals and fillers to assure your pet receives the safest, healthiest and most effective product possible. Pets Advantage CBD Oil for Pets is packed with approx. 300mg of Cannabinoid (CBD) rich Hemp Oil. With our patented extraction process, this product allows for easy and effective digestion.



CBD oil for dogs, cats and other animals made from Organically and Probiotically grown CBD hemp extract oil. Pets Advantage CBD Oil for Pets is free of heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals and fillers to assure your pet receives the safest, healthiest and most effective product possible. Some studies and anecdotal evidence have found that CBD oil may be helpful in treating conditions like anxiety and pain in dogs, cats and other animals. 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system receptors within the central nervous system to help control functions including mood, sleep, pain sensation, appetite and more. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) helps control and maintain a balanced state of homeostasis, which really means it works to maintain optimal stable function. CBD use is intended to work with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to ease anxiety and promote a sense of calm in excited or nervous dogs, cats or other animals during stressful events. It also works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help control pain sensation related to injury, aging joints or arthritis in animals including elderly dogs and cats.

Events That May Be Stressful For Dogs, Cats and other Animals:

  • Traveling in a car-Removing a dog or cat from their familiar surroundings can cause them to experience tremendous stress and anxiety. This can be even worse if they have a negative association with traveling in a vehicle that causes them to feel fear.
  • Going to the Vet-In addition to the car ride, animals often experience fear and anxiety related to being in a veterinarian’s office which typically smells like other strange animals. This can cause your pet to be in an excited state of fear and awareness that produces extreme nervousness and anxiety.
  • Going to the dog or cat groomer-Just like the vet, dog and cat groomers will be surrounded by the strange smells of other animals and can cause the same fears and anxieties. Animals can also have anxiety about being touched or handled by an unfamiliar person. This stress and anxiety can result in confusion, uncontrolled shaking, depression, and even physical responses such as biting or clawing the groomer.
  • New people or a large group of people in their environment– Visitors and house guests can cause stress and anxiety by effectively invading the animals home and disrupting their normal routine. In addition to the new smells, animals are affected by the increased noise that usually accompanies a party or large group of people.
  • Thunder and lightning storms -The sudden bright flashes of light and loud booming sounds that thunder and lightning storms cause can affect animals in very negative ways, causing them extreme anxiety and stress. Animals will often seek safety by hiding in places as removed from the storm as possible such as under beds or in closets.
  • Losing a pet– When there are multiple animals in a home, one will eventually pass away before the others. For the surviving animals, the loss of an animal can have a tremendous impact on their physical health and well being. Their entire routine is changed. Animals can go into periods of sadness, mourning and even deep depression.
  • Adding a new pet– Animals can experience a great deal of fear, anxiety, and stress when a new dog, cat or other animal is added to the home. Like losing a pet, the dynamic is changed and there can be uncertainty about the change. Animals can be very territorial when a new addition is added and they can often see this as a threat.
  • Adding a baby to the home– When a new baby is introduced into the home, animals can react in a variety of different ways to the new smells, activity, and sounds of a crying baby. As with other stressful events, this can be disruptive to an animal’s normal routine, and the animal will likely receive less attention than they are normally used to. This can often cause anxiety and stress as your pet adjusts to the new normal in their home.
  • Being left alone– While some animals seem to get along just fine for long periods of time with no one home, others can often feel stress and anxiety when their owner leaves them home alone. This can often lead to unwanted behavior like chewing or scratching, or unhealthy behavior like depression or extreme nervousness.
  • General aging– Getting older is a built-in part of life for all living things including our beloved pets. Thankfully, it happens gradually over an extended period of time. However, as dogs, cats, and other animals age, their bodies and minds go through endless changes. These changes can be physical, like joint pain, arthritis, nerve pain, teeth loss, gradual loss of vision, loss of appetite and more. The changes can also be related to their mind. Animals can lose memory and the ability to focus just like humans do. Cognitive dysfunction is the pet version of Alzheimer’s disease, and can effect older dogs, cats and animals of all kinds. The process of aging, both physically and mentally, can be very stressful and emotionally challenging to dogs and cats that do not understand why they feel the way they do. General aging can result in physical and emotional discomfort, pain, trouble sleeping, nervousness, anxiety and more, as our pets try to process what is happening to them as they age.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil (MCT), Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil (CBD).

Suggested Use: Recommended to start with small dosage. Use dropper orally or add to your pet’s favorite food. Shake well before use. Administer CBD oil 15-30 minutes before a stressful event.

Suggested Serving Size:
0-25 lbs: 0.5ml Daily
25-50 lbs: 1ml Daily
50-100 lbs: 1.5ml Daily
100 lbs + : 2ml Daily

Storage: Store in refrigerator.

This product is made from certified non-psychoactive hemp.
Each batch is lab tested for purity and potency.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on the website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare or veterinarian professional.

Consult your veterinarian with questions.