About Us

Hempicated and Dedicated is founded on the core belief that our health and wellness is in our hands and up to us to control. If we leave it up to conventional medicine we eventually end up medicated and dependent.

We believe there is a better, more natural way to manage the various ailments and health related issues that most people encounter in everyday life. We live the life and walk the walk. Fitness is the cornerstone of our daily routine and we believe in our products are the key to maintaining our energy during workouts, reducing inflammation during and post workouts, and our recovery and rejuvenation between workouts.

Our Team

Jake Prazak

CEO & Founder - Hempicated & Dedicated

My name is Jake Prazak, I reside in Rock Falls, IA with my family, three dogs, and a chinchilla. My background is in competitive powerlifting. During my career I broke two world records in the bench press. The first one was 242 pound weight class with a lift of 925 pounds and the other was in the 220 weight class with a lift of 909 pounds, the latter still stands. I am the president of Hempicated and Dedicated as well as the owner/operator of NIP Fitness in North Iowa. Full spectrum hemp oil changed my life four years ago when I was struggling with atrial fibrillation and inflammation. I have spent the last four years learning about and educating others on the benefits of this amazing oil. I believe that everyone who walks through the doors of one of my facilities is struggling either mentally or physically and it is my mission to help as many people as I can.

Amy Peckham

VP - Hempicated & Dedicated

My name is Amy Peckham, I am the Vice President of Hempicated & Dedicated. I also manage NIP Fitness and am a certified personal trainer. I reside in Clear Lake, Iowa with my two sons Landon and Jackson and our dogs Hank and Roman. I became passionate about full spectrum hemp oil after it helped me get off nine prescriptions and gave me my life back. I’m in the best mental and physical shape I have ever been. I love sharing my story and helping others who are struggling like me become the healthiest versions of themselves and live pain free mentally and physically.


Our Products

Our mission is to educate people on the incredible benefits the hemp plant can provide consumers concerning excellent wellbeing.

The extraction process used to create our products is patent-protected. It is a method for modifying the already low-THC content in a lipid-based extract of our probiotic grown, full-spectrum hemp that yields an incredible and exclusive full-spectrum product, every single time, for every single product.

This extraction process ensures we have a well thought-out scientific method of making our full-spectrum hemp products. 

Why is this important  in the world of CBD?

99% of companies extract through the same methods – CO2, Ethanol which have been shown to leave behind harmful contaminants in the cbd oil produced, as well as damage or destroy many of the beneficial cannabinoids naturally occurring in the hemp plant. Our products are created using a unique extraction method that purges all harmful contaminants without using the common harmful CO2 or Ethanol methods mentioned above. The oil in our products is made without using any chemicals to extract while leaving a finished hemp oil that is packed full of the plant’s original terpenes and cannabinoids the body fully needs to reap the benefits from our products.

Note:  No one can extract or has our product. Our products are truly one of a kind products that cannot be duplicated. As noted earlier, isolated CBD has been shown to be very bad for the body as the liver has a hard time processing the substance. The absorption rate is extremely low, and can cause issues in the body. This is another reason the patent (and products!) are so naturally and purely wonderful. Our full-spectrum hemp products are made for the human body – they are absorbed quickly processed easily. You truly get the full and transparent servings of the hemp extract constituents as stated on our product labels.

Our hemp is stamp-certified by the Department of Agriculture, the United States federal executive department responsible for developing and executing federal laws related to farming, forestry and food. Here are the steps taken to ensure we are providing our customers with the best possible quality products:

  • Hemp is grown with our probiotic methodology at our farm in northern Iowa.
  • Our farm is both indoor and outdoor commercial industrial hemp registered (pursuant to 35-61-102, C.R.S.)
  • The hemp is harvested and tested from the Department of Agriculture for certification of certified hemp.
  • The hemp is extracted through our very own, fully published patent.
  • The extractions are then tested to meet our spec sheets.
  • Once the extractions are approved through our specs, the hemp oils are then used to craft our full-spectrum hemp products through our FDA registered, completely safe, kosher certified and clean facilities, which are all GMP compliant.
  • Our main HQ is fully certified and licensed as a food manufacture by Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. 
  • The finished products are then third party tested at the ISO accreditation lab, which is in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025:2005 accreditation.
  • Once all products have met our final product spec sheets, they are then approved for market.

To emphasize, all of our products are tested not once, but twice, to ensure consistency.


Hempicated & Dedicated is a health and wellness company motivated to empower health-conscious consumers by way of probiotic grown, premium full-spectrum hemp products. We want you to live in the now and savor the moments at hand. By providing you with top quality products and unbelievable customer service, we’ll help you get there.

At our core lies an honest approach to providing as many people as possible with the multitude of health benefits the hemp plant contains.

We are realists just as much as we are optimists. We understand the science behind the product that results in the consumer’s ability to live their healthiest, productive lives. Our desire to improve the health of consumers by way of all-natural products is second to none.

Welcome to a new world of wellness – where integrity meets quality.